Foundry equipment

Vibriting machinery for foundries

Vibriting machinery for foundries:


  • Vibrating machinery and installations for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.
  • Machinery for several applications in steel plants.

      - Furnaces charges crs for all kind of furnaces: Induction, rotatives, rebervatories,…

      - Automatic ferroalloys installations for stocking, dosing and weighing the additives. First and refining dosage.

      - Vibrating machinery for vertical and horizontal moulding lines:

          + Faulty moulds extractor
          + All kind of feeders: electromechanical and natural frequency conveyors for any applications.
          + Shake outs systems: shake out conveyor, cooling drum, barrel horse.
          + Shot blasting charge cars.
          + Vibrating machinery in foundries with manual process: shake out tables, feeders to pick the sand up under the shake outs. Turn key project.
          + Vibrating machinery for non ferrous foundries: rotative and reverbatories furnaces charge cars, additives installations, aluminium slug up reclamation.
          + Turn key projects in foundries

      - Pneumatic vibrators