Foundry equipment

Units for measuring parameters in liquid metal

Telemat is an official representative agent of Ajay syscon LTD in Bulgaria and offers the following equipment:

  1. Units for measuring temperature in the liquid metal:
  • From 650 to  1750 °С
  • Keep more than 1000 results with date and time of measuring
  • Easy transfer of the data from the unit to the computer
  • Transfer the data from the unit to a remote screen trough wireless connection


  1. Units for measuring  „CE”, „C” и „Si” in liquid metal  :
  • Application: chemical analysis of cast iron,
  • Measuring time – 5min  after pouring in a sampling cup
  • The result is measured during cristallisation and it is not necessary advanced preparation
  • Option for direct printing the results
  • Keep the results with date and time of measurement
  • The unit is supplied also with meta cup stand for the sampling cup