Foundry equipment

Shotblasting equipment

Founded in 1959 in the Basque country, one of the most industrialized areas in Europe, ALJU is a reference both nationally and internationally inthe design and construction of machines and facilities for the surface treatment, like shot blasting, sandblasting and shot peening machines and equipment and auxiliary equipment for cleaning and control of contaminating emissions, as follows:

  • Shot blasting equipment

          -  Turn table machines

          -  Tumbling and Drum Blasting

          -  Roller conveyor or trolley machines

          -  Horizontal load conveyors machines

          -  Special and made to measure machines

  • Air blasting equipment

          -  Blasting systems

          -  Blasting Booths and Rooms

          -  Special treatment systems

  • Air suction and purification
  • Others

          -  Swing frame grinders

          -  Turbines